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BALM: Smells great and feels great too!  The pleasant herbal scent and creamy texture for your skin to love, never greasy.  Use of only organic ingredients.  Additionally an array of herbs traditionally used to relieve pain, inflammation,  and muscle spasms.  Promotes circulation and healing of the tissues. The aromatherapy effects calms the nerves, uplifts apathy, counters fatigue and reduces irritability/stress. 


Pain reliefs

diabetic neuropathy


nerve pain

lupus migraines




bruises sore neck

sore muscle

varicose veins

joint pain

scar reduction

back pain

new tattoo



Application:  Apply a small amount to the skin and work in until desired  relief is achieved. Reapply as needed. CAUTION: do not apply balm to burns or sun burns. For EXTERNAL USE ONLY.  Do not use near eyes.  As with all skin products if irritation develops,  discontinue use. 

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